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  Keep On Saving!
The purpose of the insulation is to increase energy efficiency in Australian homes this improved efficiency will mean that you will save money on your energy bills ($500-$800 per year).

  Life guarantee
Glasswool (or Rockwool) insulation batts are guaranteed by the manufacturer for the lifetime of the home. A guarantee is offered because we install only Australian made batts.

  Health concerns
Our insulation products have been tested and are proven to be safe to use for allergy and asthma sufferers. The product is made from FBS-1 glass wool and has been tested in laboratory and shown to be bio-soluble. Bio-soluble means that if any fibers were inhaled into the lungs, they then dissolve in body fluids and are then cleared from the lungs. There are no known long term health effects.

Melbourne Insulation

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Melbourne Insulation


Melbourne Insulation Installers

  We are a Victorian owned and operated company that supplies a wide range of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation products to meet the needs of residential, builder and commercial markets.

We at Melbourne Insulation Installers value the need for sustainable ways of living, and can assist you to create the most energy-efficient house as possible.

We promise to provide a great service, free quotes and the best solution how to make your property warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. In addition to providing insulation, we can also provide a range of other great products to further enhance your insulation and create more savings for you on your bills.

Our service is dedicated to providing top products at a competitive price, delivered fast! We proudly use only Australian made products.

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